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Nursery and Establishment of RICE (Oryza sativa)

Methods of establishment

  • Broadcasting / parachute
  • Row sowing
  • Transplanting (row and random)

Incubation of soaked seeds

Seeds were separated from water. Banana leaves were layered on the selected place and seeds were layered about 4 – 5 inches of layer on the leaves. Then seed heap was covered with banana leaves and it is weighed.

Nursery establishment

  1. Wet bed
  2. Dry bed
  3. Modified dapog
  4. Dapog (mat)
  5. Bubble tray

Modified wet bed

Modified dapog

  • Polythene was layer on the paddy land and then mud layer on the polythene.
  • Mud layer was evenly distributed. Incubated seeds were evenly distributed in the mud.


Wet bed nursery

  • High numbers of seeds were broadcasted on ploughed and narrowed paddy land.

Bubble tray

Bubble tray

  • About 25 bubble trays were used.
  • Size is 59 cm x 34 cm with 434 embedded holes.
  • 750 trays per hectare.
  • Trays were filled with muddy mixture.
  • Pre-germinated seeds were placed in holes 2 per each.
  • Then it was covered with mud.
  • It was transplanted after 15 days.
Text Box: Modified wetbed

Wet Bed Nursery

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