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How to Land preparation for rice

First ploughing

  • The land was ploughed to a depth of 8 – 10 inches using Sinhalese plough, mould board, disk plough or mamoties.
  • The hard pan was destroyed to a certain extent not totally and mixed with upper soil.
  • Cattle manure and goat manure were added to improve the soil fertility.

Second ploughing

  • Practiced 10 – 14 days after the first.
  • Rotavator and Sinhalese plough were used.

Land Leveling

Reshaping stiles

  • Mamoties and mud from the field were use.
  • There was adequate and proper control of water.
  • Weeds were removed.

Land leveling and preparation for sowing

  • After good decomposition of organic matter the land was leveled for seed bed preparation.
  • The water sources were established around the center of the field.
  • For transplant rough seed beds were prepared.

Sowing and transplanting

  • After above arrangements, sowing of pre germinated seeds or dry seeds were practiced.
  • Transplanting were also practiced.
  • Rate of seeding is depend on germination, pest damage and climate.
  • Correct density is important for high yield.
  • Transplanting and broadcasting space depend on variety tillering and tiller angle.
  • Normally we use 15 x 15 cm spacing or 15 x 10 cm for low tillering or tight tillering varieties.

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