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FOXTAIL MILLET / THANA HAL (Setaria italica) Introduction, Climatic and soil requirements, Recommended varieties, Spacing, Seed rate


Foxtail millets are used in indigenous medicine. Foxtail millet is specially used in snake poisoning. New improved varieties are more suitable for both food and feed purposes. This crop take over three months to mature and have yield potentials of over three tons per hectare. This crop is known as the crop of the poorest of the poor.

Climatic and soil requirements

Grown well during Maha season. Yala season cultivation is possible with irrigation facilities. Deep, loamy, fertile soils rich in organic matter are preferred for satisfactory growth. Well drained soils.

Recommended varieties

  • ISC 480


  • 13 cm x 7.5 cm

Seed rate

  • Row seeding :-  7 – 9 kg/ha
  • Broadcasting :- 11 – 13 kg/ha

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