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COMMEN MILLET / MENERI (Panicum miliaccum) Introduction, Climatic and soil requirements, Recommended varieties, Spacing, Seed rate


Common millets, otherwise known as Meneri consist of two grain sizes. Smaller type, the little millets normally lack uniformity in maturity and are capable of giving grain yields up to 4 tons in about 60 days. They are especially suitable for growing in Yala season with the onset of the rains.

Climatic and soil requirements

Common millet can be grown successfully during Maha season on up lands of four agro-ecological zones. DL1, DL2, IL2 and IM2 if rainfall is adequate. Can be grown in well drained soils. Silt loam are the most desirable and in addition red yellow latesols and rego soils.

Recommended varieties

  • MS 1491
  • AS 254
  • V 62


  • 30 cm x 10 cm

Seed rate

  • Row seeding :- 7 – 9 kg/ha
  • Broadcasting :- 11 – 13 kg/ha

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